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Our team’s relationship with Choice Home Warranty began because of their decision to hire Gary Frank as an account manager. Gary’s level of communication and drive to provide a great customer experience has created opportunities for Choice, a company with whom we had not affiliated in the past. Our clients have been well served by their warranty policies, and more importantly, my agents and our cooperating agents have been well served by Gary’s hard work in making sure that buyers and sellers alike know exactly what they get with this purchase.

Leigh Brown

As a real estate agent I have worked with many home warranty companies throughout the last 14 years. I have had the pleasure of working with Choice Home Warranty and their local representative, Tom Nichols, for the past year and a half. The reasons I use Choice Home Warranty include great pricing compared to other home warranties, a reasonable service call fee, and very favorable terms and conditions. When my clients make a claim, the service has been reasonably responsive, even in more rural areas where it’s been tough to get reliable service with other home warranty companies.

Michelle Groff

Tom is always easy to reach if there is a question or need. Having a sales rep that I can get a response from quickly is important. The Choice Home Warranty is an integral part of the peace of mind for any buyer walking into their next home and I feel comfortable recommending the warranty to my Buyers and Sellers.

Debbie McNichols

Mauri… What a pleasure it has been to work with you and Choice Home Warranty. As you know, I have Choice on my list of recommended Home Warranty companies and several of my clients have purchased a warranty with you. I sincerely appreciate that you are always available to answer their questions, educate them and even help them with their claims process! Thank you for your excellent customer service!

Emily Braud

Choice Home Warranty is our go to Home Warranty. They have low service fee and good contractors, they are quick to respond and provide great service. They also have a re-key offer that is nice. Our representative Sharon Padilla is Awesome! I would definitely recommend them.

Carla Schieldknecht

…Because I trust Tom and I like what he had to say, and of course the prices and the coverage were wonderful (I won’t sacrifice either of those even for one of my favorite peers) we started recommending CHOICE Home Warranty to clients. The online ordering process is simple and if for some reason I’m in a bind all I do is call Tom and give him the information and he puts in the order for me. The few claims we have had have gone smoothly…

Katie Crocco

…I would be remiss if I didn’t brag on my Choice Home Warranty Rep Christina Williams. All I can say is “WOW”! She has taken every phone call, replied promptly to every text and email, and handled my personal claim quickly. I appreciate her professionalism in walking me through this process. As a Realtor, I have referred clients to Choice Home Warranty. Now I know firsthand that I have made a wise decision!

Roxanne Cooke

I have used Choice Home Warranty for 2 years and am very happy with it. I find the order process to be easy, the coverage seems fair and my clients are pleased with the choice of plans. What I like most is that our sales rep Tom Nichols is available at any time to help with questions, any issues that may arise with my clients and overall support for the agents. I have reached him after hours, weekends and such and he is always willing to help.

Rhonda Barton

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